Antipodean Apartments | Auckland NZ

Antipodean Apartments | Auckland NZ

15 Level Apartment Building with 2 Basement Levels: Installed Underground Volclay Tanking System to below ground levels, installed Liquid MM165 membrane product to balcony and podium areas, installed a 600m2 Warm Roof System. Working alongside Watts & Hughes Construction to complete the buildings' exterior waterproofing needs and provide an excellent project to the client.

Outlook Apartments | Auckland, NZ

Outlook Apartments | Auckland, NZ

4 Level Apartment Building:  Installed Liquid MM165 membrane waterproofing to exterior balcony areas. Working alongside Clearwater Construction to deliver a quality project to the client.

Meadowbank Retirement Village   |   Auckland NZ

Meadowbank Retirement Village | Auckland NZ

3 Stage Building Project: Installed Underground Volclay Tanking membranes to apartment building carparks and service areas, including Lift Pits and under-slab. Working alongside Aspec Construction to provide a quality project for the client.

Crest Apartments  |   Auckland NZ

Crest Apartments | Auckland NZ

5 Level Apartment Building: Installed Liquid MM165 membrane to balcony areas and installed Torch-On membrane roofing. Working alongside Ganellen Construction to complete the buildings' waterproofing needs and provide a quality project to the client.

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