Torch-On Roofing Systems

Torch on roofing systems we are experienced in include a range of High-performance waterproofing membranes for multi-layer applications, with or without insulation. Following project evaluation, they may also be used for single-layer applications.


The compound used in Allco Casali Dermabit® membranes contains distilled bitumen and the latest generation of technopolymers (APAO) that ensure excellent properties of flexibility, elasticity and adherence as well as making Dermabit extremely resistant to aging.

Other Sika Waterproofing membranes such as

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Membrane Roof
Membrane Roof
Membrane Roof
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Membrane Roof
Membrane Roof
  • Able to be used in zero fall applications.  This means the product can be applied directly to the structural substrate without the need for a screed to falls.

  • Being a seamless system, Hydrotech can be applied to upstands and details first, enabling other work, such cladding installation, to commence whilst the main deck is used as a working/storage area which is only waterproofed once clear.

  • MM6125 is highly resistant to fertilisers, building washes, and is completely solvent-free. 

  • It has low temperature flexibility and adhesion and is not affected by rain, snow or frost immediately after its application.  It may be installed at temperatures as low as -15°C.

  • It has an international in-service history of 50 years without any reported material related failures.

  • Compliance with the NZ Building Code has been established by an MBIE Determination when used as part of a protected membrane roof (PMR) system.