Volclay Systems

Tanking refers to the practice of completely waterproofing any area below ground. There is some debate around what constitutes a tanking membrane; in our eyes a tanking membrane is capable of withstanding constant hydrostatic pressure without failure. In order for a building to be considered fully tanked all areas below ground would be fully encapsulated in a membrane like our Volclay Voltex (BRANZ appraised membrane) as a true tanking membrane.
For habitable spaces below grade we strongly recommend using a true tanking membrane (Volclay) because almost every site will experience some form of hydrostatic pressure over the lifetime of the building.

  • VOLTEX is designed for below-ground vertical and horizontal structural foundation surfaces. Typical applications include backfilled pre-cast panels and concrete walls, earth covered roofs, structural slabs, tunnels and property line construction.

  • VOLCLAY SWR is the ONLY bentonite BRANZ appraised bentonite membrane for use in salt water.

  • SWELLTITE is designed for waterproofing below-grade vertical and horizontal structural surfaces, as well as, above grade split-slab construction used with plaza areas, parking garages and sports stadiums.

  • WATERSTOP-RX Applications include both vertical and horizontal non-moving concrete construction joints, new to existing concrete construction, irregular surfaces, and around through-wall penetrations, such as plumbing and utility pipes. Additionally Waterstop-RX can seal around concrete pilings and steel H-piles passing through the slab. Waterstop-RX works in both continuous hydro-static and intermittent hydro-static conditions

  • AQUADRAIN 15X drainage sheets are designed to replace or complement aggregate drainage backfills. It is designed primarily for vertical sub-surface applications requiring a high compressive strength and high flow capacity. Applications include foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planters, tunnels and other earth-covered structures.


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