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Fixing the Roof


Whether you are building a new home, have a commercial project or have an existing building in need of waterproofing, we work with you to explore the waterproofing solutions that will work the best for you. 
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Tanking refers to the practice of completely waterproofing any area below ground.


A tanking membrane is capable of withstanding constant hydrostatic pressure without failure. In order for a building to be considered fully tanked all areas below ground would be fully encapsulated in a membrane.

For habitable spaces below ground, we strongly recommend using a true tanking membrane (Volclay) because almost every site will experience some form of hydrostatic pressure over the lifetime of the building.

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At Sahara, we stay educated on the latest products, method and technology. We only use high-performance waterproofing membranes.


When waterproofing a roof, after evaluation, we may opt for multi-layer or single-layer applications, with or without insulation. 

We know how important it is to get it right first time. 

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High traffic spaces that need waterproofing are increasing in popularity as the way that we live changes and evolves. 


Sahara can help you to find a solution for your space and ensure a completely weathertight project to stand the test of time.

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